About Us

Martha's Chicken Brand was born out of pure childhood love towards animals and nature. As a child, our CEO & Founder Sanja Čežek spent most of her time at her grandma Martha, who had a lot of different animals under her care. She taught Sanja major life lessons about wilderness, kindness and cruelty of the Nature's heart. Martha's Chicken brand resonates so deeply with her colorful childhood she had at her loving grandmother Martha, that she has decided to fuse all fields she worked as a professional, create something uniquely fresh for today's interior design and share it with the Rest of the World. 

Made with love, dedication and at highest possible quality, Martha's Chicken creates unique Art and turns it into the interior decorations where children's thoughts go to play, your business flourishes and your event stays remembered. With strong background in client service, 2D and 3D illustration, Graphic design, and last but not least Game design, you can expect Martha's Chicken to surprise you with various ideas on how to make your interior more fun, unique and even digital!

You can shop our Wallpaper, Fine Art Prints, Wall stickers and other accessories at our online shop. Make sure you subscribe since we will be dropping new things in very often. We have just started our adventure, and we hope you will be a great part of it. 

Welcome ☀

Martha's Chicken Team

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