Personalized Customer or Business orders

With our strong team background in Client service, marketing and IT, we will gladly answer any of your special requests. Whether it's personalised 3D Interactive Wallpaper for your room, your Hotel, Restaurant, or it's just an Event, we're here to provide you with both tactile and virtual experience. As for our Shipping policy, for custom orders we are able to ship our product anywhere as long as it's Planet Earth's address.

Personalised Martha's Chicken Interactive 3D Wallpaper

You like what we do, but somehow it is still not that perfrect one that fits. We know the struggle, we also know there's no such thing as perfectionism. But we believe in pleasuring the senses.

It is, however, sometimes hard to make the right interior for yourself or your loved ones. This is why we offer personal up and close creative and technical support. If you have a special something in your mind, you want to have it created especially for you, we are here to help. Our creative director will talk to you directly and suggest options and upgrades to your ideas.
Be it abstract or illustration work, our team of creatives and 3d printing experts are here to help.

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Custom designs, ideas and printing techniques for Entrepreneurs

Whether you're a small business or already an established enterprise, we offer special B2B custom order possibilities. We are open for one-time big or small orders and long-term collaborations. Alongside with our 3D Wallpapers, we offer online experience, Customised App that is connected to your walls & personalised in order to enhance your business experience.

Contact us with your idea and let your business speak for itself.

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Events, Presentations

We love events. We move a lot. So, if you need special 3D Wallpaper for one or more important date/s in your life, let us know. Whether it's an offline or online experience, we're experts in both fields.
Contact us with details and we will provide you with the right cost estimate.

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What we cannot do for you:

We create our own unique Art, we do not copy other people's work from Pinterest, or anywhere else. They're artists just like us and need to make a living. Inspiration is fine, but that's all that the image you forward will be to us. We take great care of our illustrators and we make sure they are paid what they're worth.
We do not give out free advices. That said, please contact us with the prepared measurments of your walls or the final brief. We are all seniors and experts behind this business, so please if you need a free tip, there's plenty out there on the internet.

We do not send out free samples, unless previously agreed. We have a sample box that you can order, see it here. If you need us to see your space in realtime, we can fly to you.

Anything we forgot to mention? Feel free to ask us via the Contact & Service page. Don't let the paragraph above scare you, we are very friendly & approachable people. Kindness is something we cherish the most.